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Radar Detectors in Perth, AustraliaAre you sick and tired of the sneaky, revenue raising tactics by the government and police
to entrap motorists, who may only be doing 2 or 3km/h over the posted speed limit?

Are you looking for something to protect your driver's license, but confused as to why different websites are recommending different brands of radar detectors as the best?

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Read our independant reviews on what is the best radar detector for Australia and learn the insider secret as to why different Aussie websites push different models as being "the best"

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Don't get caught out (ripped off) paying $200 - $300 (or more) above the $US retail price for a radar detector. The strong Aussie dollar means the cost of a radar detector in the US should be the same as the cost of a radar detector in Australia, plus shipping and GST.

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To date, it is still 100% LEGAL to use a radar detector in Perth (or anywhere in Western Australia) - however as soon as you cross the border, you will run into problems. That is because it is illegal to use one in any other state.

Police in states such as QLD, NSW, Victoria and South Australia use a device which is known as a "RDD" (a radar detector detector)

A police RDD sits in their car, and detects the electronic leakage that all (but a handful) of digital radar detectors emit. This leakage (known as the local oscilator leakage) can be detected anywhere from 50m to 1km away, depending on the quality of the radar detector. Cheap models like the Cobras are known to "leak" badly, and can be detected by the police RDD units 1km away.

Models like the Escort Redline shield all leakages, therefore cannot be detected at any distance.

Bottom line - use any brand radar detector in Perth with no worries. But outside WA, only a "stealth" or "undetectable" model such as the Escort Redline will avoid detection by the police RDDs.